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Numerology Matters

To soar like an Eagle and think like an Owl

Oh how beautiful your world can be.

Numerology allows wisdom to take flight.

Numerology History


Numerology is a guidepost, discovered in about 500BC.  Each number reflects a unique vibration of energy. The utility of the knowledge surrounding numeric vibrations grew as application in daily life expanded.  Eventually, government and religious leaders feared losing control of independent minded people guided by Numerology.  As opposition increased, Numerology became a lost science.


There is a resurgence of Numerology, in the hope of finding simple solutions in what feels like an increasingly complex world.   Planning becomes simplified when aligned with your personal numbers.

Knowing your “good day” numbers for a given day, week, month or even a year, increases the flow of life in a more positive direction.  Important dates planned on your “good days” work in synchronicity with the energy vibration focused on specific goals.  While the unexpected is always possible, odds will be in your favor. 


Working with your “good days,” reduces or even erases struggles involved, in buying a new car / house, within relationships by finding the best date to get married or engaged or have a first date.


What is a consultation like?


Here are sample questions:


  I.  Last 10-years every car purchased was a lemon.  Please Email my "good days," covering next 4-months, to buy a new car.        


 II.  My wife and I never enjoyed our old house; the address was 3245.  She wants to buy a house that to me also feels wrong, it is number 22352.  Is it possible that two different houses with different addresses could “feel” similar to me?


III.  Is Valentine's Day this year my "good day" to give my significant other an engagement ring?

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