The Numbers Wizard Welcomes You!


Numerology can be described as a loosely designed architectural script,

on the new energy highlighted over each new 12-month period.


Each number carries its own specific energy and characteristic.

Universal energy changes on January one, of every New Year.

Our individual energy shifts each year on our birthday.

Some years, mental housecleaning work might be in order, 

for a healthy change to occur, especially in relationships.

Other years, physical changes will happen, often out of our control.


*Do you sometimes feel mysterious obstacles blocking your path?

Timing is everything in Numerology!

*Buying a new house; moving to a new apartment? 

Home numbers have personalities!!!

*Know when and when not to join a Dating Site!  


*Are you questioning your goals?  Thinking of a career change?

Know the best dates to initiate change!!!


The Numbers Wizard offers each of us a Universal energy, 

uniquely carried by each number,  

to help and to support us, since the beginning of time.


Many of life's questions are answered through the analysis of numbers.


Personalized techniques are applied to the art and science of Numerology.  Over 30 years thousands of questions have been answered with proven success using study, research, testing and follow-up,. 

You too can benefit!


Numerology gives us the power to apply positive energy, in our decision-making process,

guiding us to act with confidence and less conflict.


Specific days, dates and times are provided anyone seeking to make 

timing work on their behalf to achieve success in Marriage, Retirement, 

Divorce, Career Change, Contract Signing, Expensive Purchases,

Medical Procedures, etc., and the list goes on…


Believe in the guidance of numbers.

Always seek honorable goals with good intentions.

Know precise timing can lead to success.

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