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It’s a new year!  What is new in it for you, your family & loved ones?

*Do you sometimes feel mysterious obstacles are blocking your path?

*Have you wished for a magic wand to cast light on the answer to an

important decision?

*How to decide between two homes?  While liking both!

*Are you questioning your goals and where to place your emphasis for this year? 

Or, a lifetime?

*Should you incorporate the business this month?  Or, this year?


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The Numbers Wizard offers each of us a Universal energy,

uniquely carried by each number,  

to help and to support us, since the beginning of time.


Many of life's questions may be answered through the analysis of numbers.


Using personalized techniques, developed over 30 years of study, guidance, testing and follow-up, through the application of the art and science of Numerology, thousands of questions have been answered, with proven success. 

You too can benefit!


Numerology gives us the power of positive energy, enabling us to sail forward

with confidence and less conflict, in our life’s journey. 

Specific days, dates and times are provided those, seeking to make the most appropriate choices to achieve success, with ease in Dating, Marriage,

Retirement, Career Changes, Contract signing, Important purchases, Surgery, 

and the list goes on…


Always seek honorable goals with good intentions;

Know NUMBERS can lead to goal achievement;

Believe in the guidance of numbers,

carried by Universal energy, over eons of time.