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A personal gift, for a dear friend or a close family member, is to give from the heart a personalized Numerology Reading, on what they might expect for 2021, based on their Personal Year.  


Submit below, your questions on this process.  Suggestions will be offered for making this your  very special and unique gift.

Dear Followers:


To the many who visit and revisit Numbers Wizard web-page, know that my goal is to introduce you to the concept that "Life is a journey, not a destination."  There are guideposts and pinpointed paths to follow, especially when your personal numbers are leading the way.

Numerology is older than the bible.  A guidepost is available to anyone interested.  Over time, government and religious leaders feared losing control of their independent-minded people.  Strong opposition grew and eventually Numerology became a lost science.


Each number reflects a unique vibration of specific energy.  When selecting and applying the appropriate number, for setting a date to hold a business or social event, usually everything follows with ease and success.

Rather than struggle, the answer is at your fingertips. Knowing when to set the date for an important meeting; when to buy a car (rather than get stuck with a lemon); be aware apartment and house numbers have personalities...discomfort can occur when the energy of the home clashes with the inhabitants of the home.               

          Avoid grief, know the personal year not to buy a house or get married?


          Meet a potential love interest for first time on your power day!

           Life is too important to pick dates and times out of thin air!

Spending sleepless nights, wondering if and when to make an important change, is unhealthy.  

Remember, there is help on a guidepost containing your personal number, to take action!

Please accept my invitation to contact Numbers Wizard, by selecting from the following two options:

            1.  $35. Personal Year Reading...provides information through next 12-months. 


                    $5 per month for follow-up consultations (available every month for next 11-months). 

            2.  $80. Life Path Readings...provides information from birth thru present personal

                        year.  Included are monthly consultations for next 11-months.

Once your payment is received via VENMO* (@numbers-wizard), you will be contacted within 48 hours. If you have a question to ask before making a selection, submit it in the question box below and click submit.

*Questions about Venmo?  Go to

Thanks for submitting! We accept payment via Venmo App using the handle

@numbers-wizard.  Please submit your payment and you will receive a follow-up email within 48 hours.

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