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Numerology Matters

Soar like an Eagle
Think like an Owl

How Wonderful Your World Will Be

Numerology allows wisdom to take flight.


When guided by numbers, choices become clear, paths are smooth.


Knowing your numbers for a given day, week, month, even a year, simplifies life.


Even if unexpected outcomes arise, results are generally in your best interest.


Numerology is a guiding force by identifying when to act, when to go backward to capture a missing link, and when standing still provides the best results for you.



What is a consultation like?


Consultations include:


A birth year reading, for example: 


At 22, saying positive affirmations, and expressing heart-felt appreciation (during meditative moments), even for the little things, will enhance more miracles to occur to support your efforts, and this will continue to reinforce your progress.  


A reading on a specific question, for example: 


2020 a client asked me for help in selecting a name for her business.   She told me her preference and asked me to confirm if the name would help make the business launch successful.  My response to her " interestingly, I too preferred the first title [ of the business] until looking at the numbers.  Because it is a master number, we were both drawn to it.   It also draws both negative and positive energy.


Then asked when in a specific week of November was the best launch date:  "Now for the very best success, and the ideal date to launch, in this, your personal year, 3 November, between 8 and 9pm.  Do not do it before 8 or after 9." 

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