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Numbers Wizard welcomes you 

to a place where numbers are demystified.


My study of Numerology started over 40 years ago when I returned to a city, I thought I knew well.  The comfort of my old way of doing things was impacted by moving back after having a family and a new perspective.


Making new friends led me to my first teacher, an astrologer-numerologist. My second formal teacher was Tony Robbins, who challenged me to reach my full potential.  These “accidental” encounters were life changing events.  Quickly I transitioned from student to appointee on national boards, where I met, Stephen Case, founder of AOL. The world of computers now open to me, thanks to Steven, expanded my goals to include new forms and ways to communicate (email, blogs, etc.). 


Daily interaction with CEOs and committee chairs, strangers one day and confidants the next, brought me to pause, carefully consider and assess the evolution of what I was experiencing.  "Why was I able to gain the trust of such a diverse group of professionals, so quickly?"  Consistent feedback revealed my suggestions were well received because they were said to be insightful, poignant and meaningful. Years of numerology studies and a desire to uncover inner truths, made possible the opportunity to connect and support those in need



Numerology consultations can be a guide for 

supporting when to act and what positive choices to make.  


Here is feedback from clients on how my guidance 

influenced their critical decisions.




“Our massage therapist and trusted friend, referred us to the Numbers Wizard over 25-years ago.  Selecting dates to plan important events was always a challenge until consulting with the Numbers Wizard.  Since then, our lives have flowed with ease as we followed the dates given for what has turned out to be hassle-free vacations, successful surgeries, selling our home in two days, and much more.  Recently we informed her, ‘please don't die before us.”’  FROM:  F. & J.  NJ


Fifteen years ago after pouring over profiles of potential suitors, I presented to the Numbers Wizard the birthdates of three potential mates.  Applying Numerology to the characteristics of their numbers, she highly recommended one.  


Happily married, we just celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary.  FROM;  L. UT

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